Making online education more engaging

The modern whiteboard is here to enhance your teaching experience and put you right in front of your audience. 

A Whiteboard for online people.

Lightboard by mēkā

The traditional Whiteboard just got a modern twist

Multiple Color designs

Fully Adjustable

Camera friendly glass

1 year warranty


A lightboard is a glass white pumped full of light. It allows writing to glow in front of the writer. This allows for better engagement with the audience. Get ahead of the competition by positioning yourself as a forward-thinking online educator. mēkā, based in Asia, is a manufacturer and global distributor of top-quality Lightboards.

With the Lightboard, online education is better

Better engagement, Better methods and better content.

a modern and professional educational

Set yourself apart by using an engaging and modern teaching method.

Enhance online education methods.

Write, draw and illustrate the lesson to anyone while facing them directly. Body language is as important in teaching as content.

Allows for more creative content

Diffrentiate yourself from the competition and be unique in your content, visuals and promotion methods.

Our Lightboards.

Our Lightboards are produced within three main categories:

Mini Studio

Perfect for schools & Colleges

The mini-studio lightboard is perfect for schools and universities remote teaching. Its designed to hold its place perfectly on any desk with a wide frame that provides more space for longer lessons.


For Online Coaches

Designed for use in front of a laptop, the Lightboard Fold allows you to quickly explain concepts and switch between different methods. It’s portable so you can teach from anywhere.


Best for bigger organizations

Designed for use with a studio set-up (think big lights and backdrops), the studio is best suited for professional video content production. 

About Us
by mēkā

At mēkā, we are inventors. We use our knowledge and experience to build products that improve the human condition. Our 3 stage process makes it quick and easy for clients to build products and go to market.

Established in May 2013, Mēkā (pronounced Mek-ca), Japanese for “maker”, is a multi-faceted business focused on invention and innovation.

From our roots in 3D Printing, we have now evolved into a full-service product design and development business. We work with clients from various industries and geographies.

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